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We don't just bring you the latest, we bring you the greatest. We are dedicated to bringing you convenient and high quality products to make life that much easier.

Started by engineers

Our journey began in 2015

Gimmicks & Gizmos was started in 2015 by two engineers. After being in the corporate world for more than 30 years combined and being involved in numerous engineering projects Heinrich and Tiaan decided to start a tech brand that will bring the latest gadgets and toys to the consumer. Their interest in technology is what sparked their creativity and imagination and that is what brought life to Gimmicks and Gizmos!

For everyone

Making a difference

At Gimmicks and Gizmos we want to be more than just a gadget brand. The world is changing fast, and technology is central to much of the changes. We also want to bring toys and products that will educate and help our children to become more familiar with technology and how to apply them in the world. Through our blog we not only update you with what is happening in the world but we also want to help educate our future generation through what we bring. 

Our Team

We are here to help you!


Our incredible team are here for you

Heinrich Nell

"Becoming a parent is one of the best feelings in the world! But it comes with its challenges. I created this brand to help each and every parent on this amazing, yet interesting journey."

Tiaan van der Bank

"We don't want to be just another brand. We want to be a brand that make your life easier as a parent through the products and content we provide."

Jandri de Wet

"You’ll never have a product or price advantage again. They can be easily duplicated, but a strong customer service culture can’t be copied."

Laura le Roux

Marketing Manager
"Home schooling mom of 4, parenting one day at a time, learning as we go."

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